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Huntsham Court - For the ultimate 48 hour country house party!!!

by Katie 15. October 2018 13:45

First of all, Huntsham Court is your home from home. Due to that, they are all about flexibility to adapt to your needs and style. Firstly, all the reception rooms can be adapted to create extraordinary dining rooms and entertainment spaces. Secondly, you can bring your own alcohol with no corkage charge or your own caterers. Alternatively, use their extensive network which boasts some of the best suppliers across the South West. These include festival style pop-up caterers and fine dining chefs serving incredible banquets. They also include within the rental price all AV and banqueting equipment, as well as, 7 hours of dedicated event planning. After all, this is your unique country house party. Go on, transform your party into an incredible weekend to mark the past, celebrate the future and make new memories.

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