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Best places to take your wedding pictures in Chester

by Katie 16. June 2016 10:44

Your wedding day photography will be a shrine of beauty for years to come because of the sheer quality of venues available to you in the North West city of ChesterEmbraced by Roman City Walls, this is home to some of the UK’s longest-standing buildings and historical attractions, like the Roman Amphitheatre, the Cathedral, and the distinguished and unique Chester Rows

Best Western Hallmark Hotel Chester Llyndir Hall - http://www.hallmarkhotels.co.uk/weddings - ranks incredibly well for those brides looking for a truly spectacular setting for their nuptials. The Grade II property boasts landscaped gardens featuring designer topiary, tastefully-placed pergolas and classical figures and sculptures adding a further sense of style to the surroundings.

Chester Zoo is becoming an increasingly popular choice of venue for weddings. Who would not relish the opportunity to have some of nature’s most regal creatures as guests at their wedding? Elephants, giraffes, lions and pandas would grace your big day photography, creating a completely unrivalled atmosphere. 

Offering a diverse range of stylish suites to choose from is Chester Racecourse. The artistic elements required to ensure your album is brimming with contrasting colours and textures is almost guaranteed at Britain’s oldest racecourse. It is very much worth mentioning the centrally located historical Chester Town Hall, as it manages to attractively display a sense of grandeur with enviable architectural features, offering you wedding photography gold. Just in front of it is the Celebration of Chester sculpture – fitting on your own day of celebration.

Staying in the city itself, other attractive sights to see include the Eastgate Clock, Roman Amphitheatre and Chester Cathedral. In fact, a great wedding photo opportunity crops up at every turn in this quintessentially British city.

Image: Llyndir Hall Hotel and Spa


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