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5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Wedding Planner

by emma 8. December 2015 11:55


First you will have to make the decision: plan it yourself or hire a wedding planner to do it for you. In many cases such a service will increase your budget with 10%, but if you choose carefully you will get that back in discounts that you will not get yourself.

Also, there is nothing to be compared to the burden that a wedding planner will take from your shoulders leaving you the opportunity to enjoy this special event.


So YES our advice is to hire a wedding planner, you will just have to be careful which one.


Ask for a consultation before closing the deal

Consultation is a very important aspect before choosing a wedding planner. Make a list of your concerns and things that you think should be taken care of, like catering, flower arrangements, wedding speeches, rehearsal dinner, chapel and so on. Show that list to your prospect wedding planner and look for their reaction. A good one will optimize it, will add things that you forgot and eliminate things that are not efficient. You will not get it right (unless you are a wedding planner yourself) and they should see it. The more they will want to improve it, the more suitable they are for your wedding.


Ask for the amount of time the wedding planner intends to devote towards your wedding as well as their personal backgrounds and relevant experience in wedding planning. Pictures and maybe some videos are great in this situation.


Ask for a contract

It is important to go for a wedding planner who is willing to sign a contract when hired. The good thing with a contract is that you are sure that you are investing your money safely. If the wedding planner breaches the contract terms, you will at least have some leverage.


Don’t overpay

One of the common mistakes that many brides do when hiring a wedding planner is failure to compare prices and making a good decision budget wise. You can go for single day consultation or a full-service wedding planner depending on your budget.


Ensure good communication with your wedding planner


It is very important to make sure that you are in contact with the service that you choose. Even if they should manage every small detail, you should be the decision maker and you should be always in control of that. The bride needs to connect well with the planner so that they can understand one another and to make sure that they are on the same page in every aspect.


Andrei Comsa 


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