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Have you considered a winter wedding?

by emma 14. November 2013 10:36

Embrace the sunshine at your wedding this winter!

Marry Abroad.co.uk have just revealed the top places to get married abroad this winter which are Thailand, Istanbul, Turkey, France, Budapest, Hungary and India.  We talk to con Founder Steph Bishop about why winter weddings are now in vogue!


Why are winter weddings popular?


“Winter weddings are vastly becoming more popular for many reasons. You will find that they often tend to be a bit cheaper than a summer Wedding, and therefore offer greater value for those couples who are watching their pennies. Winter is often considered a more romantic time to get married, where the newlywed couple and guests can celebrate by a warm, roaring fire, sipping mulled wine, under twinkling lights. There is also the tendency to have less competition for winter season dates, so couples are much more likely to get their ideal Wedding date. This may consequently mean an earlier wedding date than imagined, without couples having to wait a full year for their preferred date to become available.”


What are your top tips for having a winter wedding?


“Firstly, make certain that you check out the weather where you wish to marry, prior to committing to having your wedding ceremony there. Particular countries may have hurricanes or monsoon seasons during winter and therefore you need to take care that the weather is stable enough before you travel over! Whilst you’re checking this, take a look to make sure your preferred venue is open during the winter season – some venues may close during this time for refurbishment. Often you will find both the ceremony and reception costs are cheaper than what would be charged in the summer, so it is advised to shop around and do comparisons on summer dates with winter dates, to see exactly the savings you will be making. However do think hard about choosing your wedding date in the Christmas week – not all of your guests may be able to make it.”


How responsive are family and friends to attending a wedding at this particularly busy and expensive time of year?


“This all depends on when in particular during winter you wish to marry. For instance, if you wish for your wedding to take place during the Christmas and New Year period, it may not be easy for guests to travel over. However, on the contrary your guests may already have the time booked off work during this period and would be happy to combine your wedding with their festive celebrations. Months such as November, January and February may be easier for your guests, and the wedding may give them a celebration to focus on during a quiet time of the year, which often tends to be rather uneventful. You may even brighten up their winter!”


 Why did these destinations make the top five over others?


“The main reason that these particular destinations made the top five, is that we wanted to give couples a much wider choice of winter locales that cover all tastes. Thailand and India are both popular holiday destinations from the UK and have a great selection of locations for the ideal wedding. They’re also both ideal for couples who want their wedding to take place in a hot weather location, to escape the cold weather back home. Countries such as Hungary, France and Turkey, although closer to home, all offer amazing wedding locations, such as palaces and chateaux. These may be ideal for couples wanting a romantic ceremony in a unique venue, with a reception that is full of warmth. These countries also may not have been seen before as typical winter wedding destinations by couples, so for this reason have been highlighted as countries with great ceremony choices available.”


How can couples budget for Christmas expenditure and wedding costs?


 “It usually tends to be the case that couples have been saving for their wedding for quite some time, so a winter wedding should not impact the cost of Christmas unduly. Also, due to weddings abroad tending to cost a lot less in the winter period, couples may find that they might not have to save for as long as they had expected, to get the ceremony they desire. It is also an idea to book the wedding during the summer, so that costs can be spread out across the year - as the deposit will have to be paid first to confirm a venue.”

For more information visit www.marryabroad.co.uk.



by Lucy Walton for www.femalefirst.co.uk
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