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Angelina Jolie to wear mothers wedding gown

by emma 17. July 2013 12:03

Angelina Jolie has reportedly rethought her wedding plans and wants the ceremony to be a tribute to her late mother.

Earlier this year Angelina underwent a double mastectomy after discovering she was genetically prone to breast cancer. Her mother Marcheline Bertrand died in 2007 after a battle with ovarian cancer and Angelina's aunt died earlier this year also after a cancer battle.

The star has now decided she wants to honour Marcheline in the nuptials.

She was in Hawaii recently scouting for film locations, but as the island was her mom's favourite place she also checked out some wedding venues.

"Since having her operation and losing her aunt, Angelina says that she has been thinking about her mother more than ever, which is why she revisited her dress as an option," an insider told the British edition of Grazia magazine.

"Angie seems to think that it would be very fitting if they had the legal part of the ceremony in Hawaii, wearing her mother's beautiful '70s wedding dress and with only their children around them. It will be a very private, emotional affair.

"Hawaii brings back lots of memories of her mother for Angelina and was the one place that made Marcheline feel really happy."

Angelina and Brad - who raise six children together - are already thought to have looked into getting a marriage license for the island and will wed as soon as possible.

They will still hold a celebration at their French home as planned, with a bash and blessing planned for their loved ones.

"The celebration in France will mainly be a big party for their children, which their friends and family have been told will be held before the end of the summer," the insider explained.

"The legal ceremony will be a special day to remember her mother and to celebrate new beginnings."



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